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Attention Retailers: Boost Your Profits with the BandAidz Decorative Sticker Kit!

Are you searching for a high-demand and profitable product to enhance your retail inventory? Look no further! Introducing the BandAidz Auto Sticker POP Kit, the ultimate solution for retailers seeking a top-quality auto body-inspired decorative sticker that flies off the shelves.

With the BandAidz Sticker Kit, you’ll receive everything you need to start selling this incredible product right away. Here’s what’s included:

1. BandAidz Stickers: The heart of the kit! You’ll receive 60 BandAidz stickers with 6 each of 10 different colors to choose from (or  can also be fully customizable: order as per your preferences), each measuring a generous 8″x10″ and comes padded inside a clear bag with embedded UPC code. These stickers are expertly crafted from durable vinyl, designed to resemble Adhesive Bandages. They offer a fun and unique way for customers to personalize and decorate their vehicles. In addition, they can conveniently cover up unsightly dents and scratches, giving cars a fresh, new look.

2. Free Refillable and Disposable Corrugated POP Display: We understand the importance of showcasing products effectively. That’s why we provide a corrugated refillable and disposable display with every BandAidz Sticker Kit. This display can effortlessly hold and organize all 60 BandAidz stickers, allowing your customers to browse and choose their desired color with ease. It’s the perfect addition to any retail environment.

3. Free Shipping: We believe in making the ordering process as seamless as possible for our valued retailers. That’s why we’re delighted to offer free shipping with every BandAidz Sticker Kit. You can enjoy the convenience of having your order shipped directly to your store, without incurring any additional shipping costs.

4. Free Advertisement Poster: To help you promote BandAidz effectively, we’re including a free advertisement poster with every Sticker Kit. This eye-catching poster showcases the versatility and creative possibilities of BandAidz, grabbing the attention of potential customers and increasing sales. Hang it in your store to generate interest and create a buzz around this must-have decorative product.

All of this is available to you for an unbeatable price of just $285 for the entire BandAidz Sticker Kit. That’s a cost of only $4.75 per sticker, providing you with a significant profit margin when you sell them at the suggested retail price of $9.99 each.

Don’t miss out on this incredible offer! Stock up on the BandAidz Stickers today and watch your profits soar. Meet the demand for a unique and creative way for customers to add flair to their vehicles while delighting your customers with a product they’ll love.

Order your BandAidz Sticker Kit now and get ready to elevate your business to new heights!

Download order form for custom orders: Epic BandAidz Stickers Order Form

Volume pricing available. Please contact us at (818) 896-0986 or email us at [email protected] for details



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